earning an honest day’s pay

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His speech is interrupted by his own attempts to regularize his breathing–huffing from the lengthy walk from the parking lot.

the early spring sun has already done its damage–its evident–as evident as the sweatbeads  appear across his furrowed eyebrows.

It isn’t his first time here–and judging by the resignation with which he pulled open the glass door–it probably won’t be the last either.

(sketch: a creative technician’s complaints about the lack of followthrough on a proposal/project)


‘…for rupees onethousand plus.’

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Pulled from the archives:

Today Pakistan voted. I also voted.

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are we doomed to box each other out?

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Financial security. Money. Call it what you want–but note–this is what compels humans to draw lines, build walls, and reinforce crude boundaries between themselves.  Money as a necessary component for survival–now that explains the economic bust–and the resulting housing industry slump in the U.S.A.

Anand Giridharadas says it like so:

The Horatio Alger narrative maintains its hold in the United States. A Gallup/USA Today poll last year found that three-quarters of Americans still believe that if you work hard and follow the rules, you can achieve the American Dream.

But a large number of people also tell pollsters that it is becoming harder to get ahead, that tension is rising between rich and poor, that the rich are rich because of connections and fortunate birth. And for this writer, who recently returned to America after six years in India, it is hard to ignore a quiet turning in the culture, away from a once-sacrosanct faith in the malleability of fortune, toward ideas more familiar in feudal places: that class is a fate, not a situation; that the contest is rigged against the underdog.

In India, a suffix enforces such stratification. It is “-wallah,” and can be added to a service to denote the kind of person who provides it, generation after generation. A dhobiwallah is an inevitable launderer, a chaiwallah an inevitable server of tea. At times, it feels as if America, too, is becoming a Wallah Society.

No statistic can quantify this feeling. But to fly in the United States today or to hire a moving company or to speak to a taxi driver who is not a fresh-faced immigrant is to encounter workers who seem tired by their own histories, who seem angry from the moment your custom begins, who carry the pardonable frustration of sensing that time is working against them.

(Source: Waking Up from  American Dreams , New York Times)

the crux

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Title first-structuring of content- ‘meat’ second. It has always been that way for me. An almost backwards process, or at minimum, something my grade-school writing teacher would disapprove of.  The same goes for photographs. If the inspiration is there, the most relevant thought-phrase rises to the surface as photo is being taken. An almost simultaneous happening–so close–at times it can pondered which birthed which–the photo or the phrase?

The considerably edited photograph secured above these words is entitled ‘the crux’ and originally belongs to my photoblog (here).  With ‘crux’, I struck gold today, figuratively speaking. For those unacquainted with the Indo-Pak subcontinent news updates, a residential area in the Pakistani city of Lahore was the target of a high-intensity blast. It was yet another act of terrorism, a gross act of blind violence–stemming from an ongoing spat between resourceful extremists plus their ‘goons’ and the superpowers hurrying to maintain the slippery balance in their favor.  The extremists, this time around, happened to lay claim to Islam  and have been preaching their narrow, hate-filled, and delusional version as a basis for furthering their own materialistic gains. (Opium, anyone?) This bloody tug-of-war has consumed nations (Iraq and Pakistan to name a few) and threatens to extinguish almost all hope for a world where today’s small world could exist in peace.


For me the image above is best represented by the dual definition of  the word ‘Crux’:

crux // (krks, krks)

1. The basic, central, or critical point or feature: the crux of the matter; the crux of an argument.

2. A puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.

As a follower of the Islamic faith, it is unsettling to witness the after effects of such destruction, and that too justified by a religion that centers around Peace and Humanity.  This unrest within the soul, and the mind after catching a glimpse of the news–this is definition number two–a puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.

However, as a Muslim I believe I can not give up on Humanity itself.  Any creed, every moral teaching, and the very fibre of our being is a testament to the fact that despite all the chaos that abounds, there is good. This is definition number one-the basic and central point.

I wish you Peace.

Gems in the virtual wasteland

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This is where I’ll be sharing articles, blogs, and thoughts of interest that I’ve come across recently.

The philosopher-citizen by Charles Taylor

In our time, we can almost fear that the public intellectual is an endangered species. On the one hand, the role can be trivialized by the proliferation of collective petitions for fashionable causes which it is very easy to sign. On the other, in the making of policy the intellectual is often replaced by the expert, master of some narrow field, who is rarely asked to decide on the use to be made of his expertise. . .

Courtesy : Chapati Mystery-Sepoy’s post titled Word

Comments to follow soon.

jotted down…

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I have a pocket-size notebook that holds unedited moment-captures like this . I wish that someday (soon) I will  have the patience and the persistence to re-work them.

Thursdays and Rains

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Loosely translated that is, I believe Jumaayh Raat ki Jharri means Thursday downpours that last the whole day through. Its a saying supposedly,that once it begins raining on a Thursday you can rest assured that it is not going to stop anytime soon. Now,this is the first time I have heard of this here saying, are you familiar with it?

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