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‘At Least’?!

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At least we are not Dubai

You know,  I appreciate what George Fulton ( of  ‘George Ka Pakistan’ fame) is trying to say here, but he comes off as a narrow-minded, chest-beating nationalist. Not cool.

Even if one attempts to understand Fulton’s brand of enthusiasm for Pakistan, he has devoted but two lines to illustrating the positive aspects, if even that.

There has to be a way to highlight how one feels about the country without making harsh, blanket statements about another country slash culture (in this case, the Emirates  and Dubai).

‘…for rupees onethousand plus.’

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Pulled from the archives:

Today Pakistan voted. I also voted.

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with each step I dodged yet another heart/because there were too many hearts to ignore

Texting in to send a public greeting is nothing new in Pakistan;  Most news channels and music channels offer their viewers the opportunity to wish their friends or family on a special day-it can be a religious holiday like Eid or a day of historical and national importance such as the 14th of August.

This time around–on Valentine’s Day– I spotted ticker messages on the tv screen where  people were sending greetings to…their grandparents…their sisters…on Valentine’s Day!

Oh the horror!

*shakes head*

the crux

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Title first-structuring of content- ‘meat’ second. It has always been that way for me. An almost backwards process, or at minimum, something my grade-school writing teacher would disapprove of.  The same goes for photographs. If the inspiration is there, the most relevant thought-phrase rises to the surface as photo is being taken. An almost simultaneous happening–so close–at times it can pondered which birthed which–the photo or the phrase?

The considerably edited photograph secured above these words is entitled ‘the crux’ and originally belongs to my photoblog (here).  With ‘crux’, I struck gold today, figuratively speaking. For those unacquainted with the Indo-Pak subcontinent news updates, a residential area in the Pakistani city of Lahore was the target of a high-intensity blast. It was yet another act of terrorism, a gross act of blind violence–stemming from an ongoing spat between resourceful extremists plus their ‘goons’ and the superpowers hurrying to maintain the slippery balance in their favor.  The extremists, this time around, happened to lay claim to Islam  and have been preaching their narrow, hate-filled, and delusional version as a basis for furthering their own materialistic gains. (Opium, anyone?) This bloody tug-of-war has consumed nations (Iraq and Pakistan to name a few) and threatens to extinguish almost all hope for a world where today’s small world could exist in peace.


For me the image above is best represented by the dual definition of  the word ‘Crux’:

crux // (krks, krks)

1. The basic, central, or critical point or feature: the crux of the matter; the crux of an argument.

2. A puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.

As a follower of the Islamic faith, it is unsettling to witness the after effects of such destruction, and that too justified by a religion that centers around Peace and Humanity.  This unrest within the soul, and the mind after catching a glimpse of the news–this is definition number two–a puzzling or apparently insoluble problem.

However, as a Muslim I believe I can not give up on Humanity itself.  Any creed, every moral teaching, and the very fibre of our being is a testament to the fact that despite all the chaos that abounds, there is good. This is definition number one-the basic and central point.

I wish you Peace.

every day is 9/11: Islamabad Marriot Blast

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Why must people die to prove someone else’s sadistic point?

We are sovereign….damn anyone who thinks otherwise…

There is way too much devastation…

my thoughts are all cluttered right now… such helplessness…a sickly shape of things to come…

‘we must persevere’

do pray for those who have perished in the Islamabad blast this evening…

and for those who have survived.


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its happened…private news channels save a few are off air, and the pre-emergency emergency is in the air.

Lets wait and see..*fingers crossed*

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