‘Our children will be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian’

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TWO PEOPLE, four religions, and a love story that tugs at you even over email. And then the final blow to every scornful guard upheld against tales of romance: the wedding pictures. Priya Desai and Tariq Alwari danced their way through the wedding day they recall was everything they imagined, surrounded by those eager to raise a toast to this resilient couple.

Source: Tehelka Magazine online


connect the dots,yo!

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‘…Vulnerability is the absence of cynicism.

And the absence of cynicism is love.’

dream workplace #3,408: MoMA, New York

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So, I was right. About what, you ask? Well, about the fact  that working at a place like MoMA must be absolutely fantastic!

As the assistant director of merchandising, Lauren Solotoff takes four or five international trips each year to select the items that fill the shelves of the MoMA Design Store. “My most memorable buying trip was last year when we visited Portugal,” she recalls. “The Ministry of Culture set up a private trade show for our team in an old rope factory by the port. They brought together more than 75 designers just for us.”

And while employment at MoMA doesn’t guarantee face time with celebrities or trips to Portugal, all staffers do benefit from free tickets to the museum’s film screenings, gratis access to other art institutions around New York City and exclusive curator-led walk-throughs of exhibitions after they open to the public. Generous vacation time (more than the standard two weeks, even for entry-level employees) and benefits packages seal the already-sweet deal.

‘…we compulsively monitor a universe that never closes its eyes. ‘

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‘The new allurement — the enticement meant to flutter the secret heart of today’s hotel guest, to provide a luxury so lusted-for that it feels almost illicit — was inside the gauzy bag on the bed: tools and advice on how to achieve that all-but-impossible dream, a decent night’s sleep.’  – Suite Dreams by Bob Greene, NYT

Why can’t “career women” just be women?

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Why can’t “career women” just be women?.

I love her response, especially how she sums it up:

“…Because maybe if we keep putting those two words together often enough, “career women” will stop sounding like a criticism and more like something else, something our daughters can aspire to become.”

‘despite it all…

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you still have your Free Will’

That is what I once told.

I figure, shouldn’t it be ‘In spite of ‘?

(for the smart-alecks out there, they are the same)

coming to terms

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A rather touching excerpt from a novel about a father’s rather unusual last request to his kids.

Building my father’s coffin.

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