hard to believe..

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but there are people who spell music as






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with each step I dodged yet another heart/because there were too many hearts to ignore

Texting in to send a public greeting is nothing new in Pakistan;  Most news channels and music channels offer their viewers the opportunity to wish their friends or family on a special day-it can be a religious holiday like Eid or a day of historical and national importance such as the 14th of August.

This time around–on Valentine’s Day– I spotted ticker messages on the tv screen where  people were sending greetings to…their grandparents…their sisters…on Valentine’s Day!

Oh the horror!

*shakes head*

first foray into entreprenuership

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who knew–tv is the glue?

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All these years I have been observing people around me in various stages of couplehood, and I believed I knew the secret.  I thought they were in or were clinging on to some sort of mutual admiration/adoration,popularly known as ‘love’.

I was naive. Oh so naive.

Apparently the secret to successful ‘relationshipping’ (I made the word up) is–watching TV together! According to Curry Bear’s  “The Theory of Teletivity” couples who watch tv shows together avoid fights and generally never bore each other–as they always have something to talk about!

Read Curry Bear’s brilliant post  here.

these days i’m the person on the right…

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