Cannes short film festival

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‘Eat, Pray, Love’: that simple, huh?

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I would like to see this one–before reading the book. *mock gasp*  I mean, hello, Julia Roberts is in this. The book will have to wait–sorry inner-bookworm!


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Not in the U.S. of A. currently–but I really want to see Banksy’s film. Really.

my absolute favorite big-screen persona

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the late Sanjeev Kumar

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Movie Time= Summer Time

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I used to have a rule when I was a younger bookworm and that was to never leave a book unfinished. That meant no matter how awful or slow I discovered the writing being, I had to bear with it. There was another rule too; I could not simply read the end first. That would have been akin to sin.

Ok, so maybe ‘sin’ is an exaggeration, but still these were principles people!

Fast forward to the present, and the rules haven’t changed. Instead, the rules have been applied to movies on dvd/tape. So today, I decided to catch up on a movie I’d left half watched for about exactly a year now. I know! I’m just as surprised as you are! hehe..Okay maybe not.  Watching a Mira Nair movie takes a lot out of a person like me; I love getting real into the nuances of the film.  (Same for Books. ) I can recall the marigold proposal moment from ‘Monsoon Wedding’; has to be the sweetest marriage proposal in reel life! Any how, my sister and I gathered around to finish up ‘The Namesake’ this afternoon, and it wasn’t half-bad. The link behind the unusual nickname ‘Gogol’ for the main character and  his father’s life-changing train accident make for some subtle yet powerful revelations on-screen. The aesthetics of chaotic Kolkata jostle next to the white form and functional living of New York State; the visual treat is that neither element cancels out the other. You can say I felt that is representative of anyone who has had more than one home. The chinese take-out that you lived on for all of sophomore year sits next to the sea shells you collected that summer at Jeddah’s beach.  Each memory special, ordinary, and equal in their own right.  I am not going to pretend this is a proper review; I know I wanted to get this thought down before it disappeared from the tips of my fingers. I placed the dvd back on the shelf thinking that I am sure to watch this one soon. It was food for thought.

“Anyone Can Cook”-Rat

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Rat ChefI’m speaking of Remy the animated rat-chef starring in ‘Ratatouille‘, and his quest to cook to his heart’s content.  A local paper sponsored the saturday matinee, and the kiddos that came along loved it!! Its been a while since I’ve seen an animated flick that touched the heart and tickled the funny bone with the brilliance of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.  The underlying message that when one’s dreams are concerned, the sky’s the limit comes across with pizzazz!!

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