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‘…beauty will dance with

anyone who is brave enough

to ask her.’

-the book of qualities by j.ruth gendler


subtle mastery- Sagar Veena

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Raag Khamaj on Sagar Veena by Noor Zehra Kazim from Tasawwuf on Vimeo.

So glad someone found this beautiful clip for me!

dream workplace #3,408: MoMA, New York

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So, I was right. About what, you ask? Well, about the fact  that working at a place like MoMA must be absolutely fantastic!

As the assistant director of merchandising, Lauren Solotoff takes four or five international trips each year to select the items that fill the shelves of the MoMA Design Store. “My most memorable buying trip was last year when we visited Portugal,” she recalls. “The Ministry of Culture set up a private trade show for our team in an old rope factory by the port. They brought together more than 75 designers just for us.”

And while employment at MoMA doesn’t guarantee face time with celebrities or trips to Portugal, all staffers do benefit from free tickets to the museum’s film screenings, gratis access to other art institutions around New York City and exclusive curator-led walk-throughs of exhibitions after they open to the public. Generous vacation time (more than the standard two weeks, even for entry-level employees) and benefits packages seal the already-sweet deal.

possible & probable

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, originally uploaded by buttonmoOon.

Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette?

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Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette?.

coolness personified

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While I do not endorse smoking at all– I think this image of Penn and Nicholson is quite cool.


Also, two new favorite sites:

Zindagi Jab Bhi . . .

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\’Turnpike\’ from Karsh Kale\’s upcoming album \”Cinema\”

zindagi jab bhi teri bazm me.n laati hai hame.n
ye zamin chaa.nd se behatar nazar aati hai hame.n

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