About Me: Mars

I’m so into music its not even funny, though to that I must add I can’t remember lyrics to save my life! (Recent development is that all John Mayer lyrics are ‘instant recall’ for me now. Cool. )

Art-enthusiast to the core. I fawn over charcoal sketches, savor visits to art galleries, doodle over my hands/notebooks/jeans, and could spend the whole day taking pictures of flowers & the like.

I love reading books, articles, words basically. Probably why I studied  English Literature for my post-grad and carry all my old  library cards with me.

I think this poem has power.

‘Our Deepest Fear’ by Marianne Williamson

Toothpaste For DinnerI Still Love Pakistan do you


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  • sapuri says:

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    Oh look- I made a funny!

  • Mars says:


    hehe.. thanks for dropping by!


  • Jabran says:

    Mars is a planet composed of vast barren plains, enormous storms and totally unsuitable for carbon based life form sustainance (theoretically silicon based life forms if they do exist could live up there)..
    i still dont get where does it fit in all those pretty pictures..

  • Raghda says:

    We in MasterPeace, most heart-warming global peace initiative were amazed with your blog and all this human insights… we really hope that you would join us and now we are inviting you to voluntary use our platform and publish some of your blog posts or re-publish some of them that was already run … anything related to Peace from within-out and to share it with the world.

    Here is our blog http://www.masterpeace.org/blog
    Waiting your response and really appreciate your answer.
    Best regards,
    Raghda El-Halawany

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