‘…we compulsively monitor a universe that never closes its eyes. ‘

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‘The new allurement — the enticement meant to flutter the secret heart of today’s hotel guest, to provide a luxury so lusted-for that it feels almost illicit — was inside the gauzy bag on the bed: tools and advice on how to achieve that all-but-impossible dream, a decent night’s sleep.’  – Suite Dreams by Bob Greene, NYT


Why can’t “career women” just be women?

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Why can’t “career women” just be women?.

I love her response, especially how she sums it up:

“…Because maybe if we keep putting those two words together often enough, “career women” will stop sounding like a criticism and more like something else, something our daughters can aspire to become.”

possible & probable

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they said it…

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Well this here website claims to have analyzed a writing specimen and have thus concluded that I write like David Foster Wallace. Wait, I meant DAVID FOSTER WALLACE! Here is the proof.

Hmm, if only that:

a) is an underlying, seemingly self-evident truth that makes its debut very very soon


b) gives me the motivation (a.k.a. kick in the bottom) to make such an analysis  an undeniable truth.

Either of the two options works for me. Really.

‘liberate the old’

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Your starcast for the week : GEMINI (May 22 – Jun. 21)

If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you are right where you need to be. The restlessness and anxious stream of energy is letting you know that your life is changing and the way things have been are just not going to be allowed to be sustained, end of story. There is great anticipation in the sky as well – the anticipation of a better day, of a new way to live and interrelate and of a new way to love and create. Your ruler Mercury is in Leo and it is making some great angles of stress to radical Uranus and powerful Pluto. You are undergoing your own personal transformation and the sky is doing what it can to liberate the old right out of the stride of your Soul. Take a few humble steps into the unknown this week and your heart will leap right out of your chest and thank you.

Source:  K.F.’s  Weekly Scope

‘…dhoom machay wich dhandariya…’

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The song and songstress consume your attention bit by bit, as if to reflect the origin of the tune ‘Pritam’ in deserts of Rajasthan, drawing images of of the endless sand dunes on a cool summer night. With each ‘bol’ or word, Sanam reveals a new layer to the beloved’s longing, who tries to draw her lover back into their once-shared reality.  The song’s words are earthy in its tone while Sanam Marvi’s delivery is smooth  yet authentic. There is much to be said about a heart-felt rendition. There are times when performances of established musicians like Abida Parveen come off as robotic rather then real.

Verdict: “Pritam’ has potential as an addition to my iPod playlist,  however this is not the case of ‘love at first listen’.  That was Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi’s spectacular collaboration known as ‘Alif Allah’; which we lovingly refer to as  ‘Jugni ji’.

Sanam Marvi’s ‘Pritam’ – Coke Studio -Episode 3

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