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overheard on the radio

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Kostal’s Jaan Jaan Jaye

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notes that drifted my way…

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-while driving on a rather uninspiring side street, when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice  was to be heard, wafting out of a barely lit construction site, equally pleasant,powerful, masterful so that it overtook any immediate concern,converting a rather flat road into smooth ascent up the musical scale.

-while crossing an uncharacteristically quiet Firdous Market, we were on our way to Iftaar…orange-black road, ‘sunn-saann’, not a pedestrian in sight,  flipped on the radio…NFK’s rendition of ‘Chapp Tilak,Morey Naina Milaike’…bliss

-PTV World, Ghulam Ali, ‘Chupp Chupp ke’, the smiley saas-master, candles dancing…

-Tina Sani’s ‘Thora Saath Chahiye’, Ary TV serial song, earthy magnificence,her renditions of  Faiz/Faraz are quite worth a listen…

[originally typed up in December 2006]

‘despite it all…

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you still have your Free Will’

That is what I once told.

I figure, shouldn’t it be ‘In spite of ‘?

(for the smart-alecks out there, they are the same)

low rising

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These are two are incredibly talented–in a rustic, wander-off-into-sunset kind of way.

Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette?

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Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette?.

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