Drudgery in the classroom: standardized tests

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A brief, well-written post on the purpose of a good education and how at times a  school’s administration overlooks that very purpose.


‘Eat, Pray, Love’: that simple, huh?

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I would like to see this one–before reading the book. *mock gasp*  I mean, hello, Julia Roberts is in this. The book will have to wait–sorry inner-bookworm!

between the spaces..

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interesting review of a book I’ve never heard of before.


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¡Escúchame! by the Gipsy Kings

Culinary wonders: Balut

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or technically speaking, half-hatched duck eggs. Its usually eaten in countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, so on.  I remember watching a documentary on this rather unexpected preparation of eggs a while ago.  Here is some more information, if you are as curious as I am.

Also, here is a rather quirky site where they are trying their best to convince people of how cool ‘balut’ is. Nice try guys.  I’ll stick with my sunny-side up breakfast eggs, thanks.

Bon Appetit!

Plan vs Dream?

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‘At Least’?!

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At least we are not Dubai

You know,  I appreciate what George Fulton ( of  ‘George Ka Pakistan’ fame) is trying to say here, but he comes off as a narrow-minded, chest-beating nationalist. Not cool.

Even if one attempts to understand Fulton’s brand of enthusiasm for Pakistan, he has devoted but two lines to illustrating the positive aspects, if even that.

There has to be a way to highlight how one feels about the country without making harsh, blanket statements about another country slash culture (in this case, the Emirates  and Dubai).

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