‘You want to feel what she’s feeling.’

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The phrase written above is from the breezy NYT review of Elif Batuman’s book titled ‘The Possessed: Adventures With Russian Books and the People Who Read Them’.

Batuman seems like a person whose observations have the ability to amuse and inform–both at the same time.So… yeah, I’m going to try to find this book.


who knew–tv is the glue?

February 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

All these years I have been observing people around me in various stages of couplehood, and I believed I knew the secret.  I thought they were in or were clinging on to some sort of mutual admiration/adoration,popularly known as ‘love’.

I was naive. Oh so naive.

Apparently the secret to successful ‘relationshipping’ (I made the word up) is–watching TV together! According to Curry Bear’s  “The Theory of Teletivity” couples who watch tv shows together avoid fights and generally never bore each other–as they always have something to talk about!

Read Curry Bear’s brilliant post  here.


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A series of Finger Paintings on the iPhone captured in video format–another reason why I love the New Yorker!

i find

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those with a flair for the dramatic–quite magnetic

look elsewhere for your god

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Do not try to find Salvation with your friend or lover. Be satisfied with a human being in this relationship and look elsewhere for your god.

Indeed. We  put expectations that could bog down a deity on mere humans…

Business wasn’t all he knew. He knew music, art. Had a heart.

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[Keen and lovely man moved as in a dance]

by Lorine Niedecker

Keen and lovely man moved as in a dance
to be considerate in lighted, glass-walled
almost outdoor office. Business
wasn’t all he knew. He knew music, art.
Had a heart. “With eyes like yours I should think
the dictaphone” or did he say the flute?
His sensitivity—it stopped you.
And the neighbors said “She’s taking lessons
on the dictaphone” as tho it were a saxophone.
He gave the job to somebody else.
*Review to follow later today

Srinagar, dal lake : Road Trip to Kashmir Valley

February 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

I came upon this while searching for snapshots of Ladakh and Srinagar.

Its such a life-affirming picture–nature, color, and beauty all rolled into one!

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