Must Read Books?

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you have the need to read??

you have the need to read??


“She is loveliness in motion”…

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my baby sis..she really is!

(the caption came to mind while uploading pictures this evening…)

…when will we learn?

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Apartheid--never ending?

This striking piece of reality and perspective is by Latuff.

Catch a Little Rhyme

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      Catch a Little Rhyme

  Once upon a time
I caught a little rhymeI set it on the floor
but it ran right out the door

I chased it on my bicycle
but it melted to an icicle

I scooped it up in my hat
but it turned into a cat

I caught it by the tail
but it stretched into a whale

I followed it in a boat
but it changed into a goat

When I fed it tin and paper
it became a tall skyscraper

Then it grew into a kite
and flew far out of sight…

Eve Merriam

pweety rainbow goodies!

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Even the dishes look delicious!

Even the dishes look delicious!

Cuz health matters, matter…

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I have been thinking about memories a lot lately…and in connection with prospect of losing those memories…


I will expand on this…not that I have forgotten what I want to say…I want to be more sure what I am fearful of..

A friend wrote a piece on Alzheimers’ disease…It is one of the symptoms of aging that hits many families that is widely misunderstood.

poster-child for creativity-the folks at Keep Calm

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