Sexism as conversationally acceptable in contrast to Racism

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With that in mind, our quote of the day, from a recent interview with Katie Couric:



“I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realizing what Hillary Clinton might have realized not long ago: that sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable.”

-Salon’s Broadsheet on Sexism


And this is a prevalent issue the world over; the ‘too’ too long stares, the convenient double-standards under a shared roof for siblings,  and the predefined space in the world for women and men.

Just one of the creases in the world that need to be ironed out.


“The word on the street is that people like summer. “

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A spot-on essay by Rachel Shukert on about ‘Why I hate summer’ that you must read. Must. Seriously.

Okay, so you aren’t convinced?

One more quote and I am willing to bet a pack of m&m’s that you will be clicking to read the rest.

But more than anything, my real problem with summer is the way the world grinds to a halt. Friends and acquaintances flit in and out, and promises made in the spring are suddenly postponed to the fall.

And then there is all this time — silent, empty, dangerous time — to think about what the hell you are doing with your life.

Yeah, silent, empty dangerous time indeed.

Not Quite Friends…

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Toothpaste For Dinner

Secret Senses: Amy Tan’s Interview

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A sketch of the Author

A sketch of the Author

I am currently reading Amy Tan’s ‘The Hundred Secret Senses’ and came across this interview in The SALON.

A quote from the interview itself:

Olivia, Kwan’s American half-sister is not so happy-go-lucky. Pained, needy, she accidentally pulls heads off pet turtles and has a hard time with other people.

I took my own skepticism and embedded it into Olivia. Some of her — or the questions that trouble her — are drawn from friends who have the usual existential questions about life and relationships and work and success, and “Why are we here?” and “Why are we with this person?” I’ve already had interviewers wondering if Olivia’s relationship with her husband, Simon, is like my marriage, and I think, “Wait a minute, that’s not my husband, that’s not my relationship.” Certainly all of us have gone through fights with partners in our life, but that’s not drawn from my relationships per se. But I know that I’m going to be subject to that assumption.

Meet my Wordle

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Pick of the Day: Winehouse’s ‘Love is a Losing Game’

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Amy Winehouse’s soulful crooning of ‘Love is a Losing Game‘ gives me goosebumps all over.  Each listen brings forth another dimension of pain, affection, and disappointment.


Self professed, profound

Till the chips were down

Know you’re a gambling man

Love is a losing hand…

                                                  ‘Love is a Losing Game’ by Amy Winehouse

A choice verse from my current favorite song.

Pick of the Day: Holiday’s ‘I’ll be seeing you’

July 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

Billie Holiday’s ‘I’ll be seeing you’ is my pick of the day.  Yesterday, when bored of all the pop songs I had downloaded from Limewire, I thought to try some of the old school jazz favorites again. Seconds after tapping in ‘Billie Holiday’, up came what seemed quite a number of matches with her gems such as ‘Strange Fruit’, and ‘Summer Time’.  I was delighted!  I really enjoyed listening to Holiday’s haunting rendition of  ‘I’ll be seeing you’ and thought I’d introduce my readers to this golden throated jazz songstress.  I, myself, was introduced to Billie Holiday and Louie Armstrong (to name a few)  sophomore year in ‘Art and Contemporary Society’ class in high school.  I can’t tell you how often I benefit from the wide range of exposure we all recieved in those few months in class.  Go on now, click the link and let the music take you away!

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