the slight glow of sunlight.. 

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the slight glow of sunlight.. Posted by Hello



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moth Posted by Hello


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sunset/sunrise Posted by Hello

gol gappay.jpg

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gol gappay.jpg
Originally uploaded by Pak Positive.

i took this one about two months back while exploring badshahi masjid and lahore qila.


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Originally uploaded by Pak Positive.

a picture of mine posted on Pak Positive!

YAY! two of my photos are on!!!

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guess what? (incase you missed the subject of my post)…

two of my photos are on!


the golgappay wala boy and the scene near walton rd. lahore with the Packages Paper Mill in sight.


this is so utterly wonderful…


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i don’t know what good will come of keeping this blog…but surely nothing bad will come.

today was another one of those days where all my plans were washed aside for the invasion for ‘family friends’. i personally have nothing against being a good host, but impromptu? when people appear out of thin air (who apparently haven’t heard of a phone either) in the scorching afternoon…ugh!

i think a combination of the heat and the exam stress is getting to me now. ‘finance’ and ‘planning’ is cool, i dig it. no problem-o there. but, ‘Audit Procedures’? can you say yawn?

despise reading about audit…its basically all repetition.. every chapter seems the same after ‘audit engagment’…suspecting there has been some funny business in your accounts? all i got to do is check existence (of the transaction, of the asset), whether the documents have been recorded correctly, how was it casted (added up), valuation, and lastly rights and obligation (ownership). there is some overlap here and there, but thats ‘intentional’, cross-check you know.

on the bright side (yes there is one)…saw part of Raghu Romeo… its a crazy nutty funky movie…loved it…just what i needed…

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